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Founded in 2002 by Paolo M. Spina, based in Rome and fully operative since 2003, the company has been involved in domestic and international projects, for features, documentaries, and lately, in TV movies and formats. Mainly located in the film market fragment of the arthouse environment, but also now with more commercial potential aims. Scouting and selection in the international markets of projects with universal stories and solid directing style. Particular aptitude in european co-productions, in constant contact with the main arthouse production companies in each country of Europe. Peculiar care on development of treatments and scripts, with the involvement of international partners, experienced editors and consultants. Research of public and private financing, connection with technical talents and casting agencies, full set preparation and organization in every italian region, until post production services with long term partners laboratories in Rome. Until now, Revolver has produced and co-produced several features and documentaries, which have been selected in the main international festivals, almost yearly.

TV Distribution
Former theatrical distributor in the early years, Revolver is now since 2008, looking for finished products as "straight-to-Tv" distribution only, for both free and pay TV rights. Two decades of presence at all main film and TV markets, and searching for features of any genre, family, rom-com, comedies, fantasy, quality thrillers, period dramas, and still, some arthouse movies but with commercial TV potential. As well, as TV series, both mini-series or long seriality, and single TV movies, by the same kind of various genres. Finally, documentaries about any trendy issues for specialized italian TV channels: performing arts, music, history of cinema, social, political, nature and lifetime, Years by years, in continuity contact with the most between main international distribution companies worldwide, and directly with Tv producers too.

Line Production
Our company can provide all services for a complete line executive production of every kind of project, in each italian region, features, documentaries, TV formats and series, commercial spots and music-videos. We can analyze the feasibility of every case, proposing the proper italian cities and regions for any project. Then, starting from careful evalueting budget, local casting, locations scouting, selection of the technical crew, rentals and props, permits and contracts, and all the preparation and set organization, until post production services too. For specific cases we can guide the foreign productions to search local sponsorships, product placements, and regional funding, being in contact with all the regional film commissions of Italy. We provided services for movies from several countries, as Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Belgium, Austria and USA.

For the market and production experience, and for the cultural background and studies, members of our company can provide consultancy for the international research of film and documentaries projects for any other company involved in distribution and production. As well, to festivals and events, which research any kind of audiovisual products for their line up. Consultancy has been extended to local academies and schools for audiovisual activities, about teaching subjects such as "History of Cinema", "Filmology", and "Production", and essays and books publishing. Supervising pre-productions and setworks, until post production services, contracts, and research of talents, is also part of the proposal from our consultancy activity.

Former activities
In 2002 the company was founded together with Shaila Rubin, newyorker professional based in Rome, the unforgettable casting director for many international features, some of them masterpieces from all Europe and USA. That's the reason why we have been in contact with so many talents worldwide, and used to service casting consultancy at the beginning for several years. In the meanwhile the company was born mainly as theatrical and full rights distribution for the italian territory, which was stopped in 2008, to remain straight-to-Tv distributor and arthouse production.
In the early years we were also publishing books of our own, as history of cinema essays for Bologna University courses, and the italian academic film magazine "Close Up" in Rome. Furthermore, we were active in coolaborating to local festivals and events organization and selection, and music label sometimes (rock & jazz). Many friends and colleagues started growing as experience in the film market, collaborating with our company for years, and they became talented professionals in different other production, distribution and post production companies of international level.

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