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The company has been founded in 2002 by Paolo Maria Spina and Shaila Rubin. From early stage, 2003, it has been involved in international coproductions and domestic projects, both arthouse features or even TV movies. We are always scouting scripts and directors’ proposals with coherent, recognizable style. We also organize production services for foreign companies in Italy and other countries. We collaborate and link with twin production companies abroad, in Spain (Barcelona), Albania (Tirana) and Malta.

Revolver is active in Italian distribution since 2003. We have already acquired several titles in main European festivals for the theatrical release and for all TV and Homevideo/DVD and Internet rights. We are mainly interested on arthouse features produced in any continent, lately from 2005 also in other genre films. With our acquired experience we also organize distribution services on Italian theaters.

TV Rights Trading
Revolver always looks for contents for the Italian broadcasters. We work worldwide searching for theatrical, Tv, and Home video productions and we can offer a wide range of films and TV series, mainly family but also genre, moreover classics and arthouse movies.

Line Production in Italy
Our company is structured in such a way that we can guarantee a line production for any project, including budgeting, casting, locations, permits, crew, equipment, rentals, all digital post-prod even CGI and special effects. Furthermore local sponsoring, development, printing and any kind of needs for shootings in every regions of Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Albany, Spain. We worked in production services for companies from Germany, Uk, Spain and Russia.

Festival, Essays, Music
Revolver takes care about any aspect for the organization of middle sized festivals in Italy. We are at disposal for any assistance to the organization of new festival’s project. We publish books and essays of History of Cinema and Studies of Cinematography for the Universities of Bologna, Rome and other Italian towns. We publish records of Acid Jazz, Lounge, Beat and Breakbeat music.

International Casting
The thirty years experience of the SHAILA RUBIN EUROPEAN CASTING SERVICE in local and international casting can guarantee a wide casting scouting, involving the most famous international actors as the new talents.

Paolo Maria Spina
Managing Director


Gianni Rossi
Artwork director


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